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Weekly Customer Spotlight: H2O Pruf Spray Foam Roofing

Our customer spotlight this week is on Paul Esteves and his company H2O Pruf Roofing in Diamond Bar, CA.

Spray Foam Systems: How long have you been in the spray foam business?

Paul: H2O Pruf Roofing has been in the spray foam business for the past year we specialize in commercial, residential, hotels and Industrial buildings. We do both SPF roofing and Silicone coatings.

Spray Foam Systems: What lead you to be in the business?

Paul: As a commercial building owner I had two properties totaling 80,000 sq. ft that needed roofing. I had purchased a property in California that had a SPF roof applied 12 years ago and it was still in good condition so when the decision to redo my two buildings I decided that it would be in my best interest to apply SPF roofing and Silicone coating to my properties. So I attended the SPFA convention in Palm Springs Jan 2017 and spoke with Matt Chittick who encouraged me to learn more about the business side of SPF roofing and 3 months later bought my first SPF and Silicone Coating rig from Spray Foam Systems. In order to pull this off, I partnered with a friend who is a roofing contractor and ironically wanted to start an SPF division of his company. So we headed to GA and got the introduction class on SPF roofing. We drove the SPF rig to Florida and Sprayed 50,000 sq ft hotel in Florida with the assistance of a trained SPF expert (Jamie) That was our Start!!!!

Spray Foam Systems: What is your favorite on the job memory ?

Paul: We had just finished our first six figure paying job and the sun was going down in So Cal. It was magical being on the finished roof with the sun about to set.

Spray Foam Systems: What job are you most proud of ?

Paul: A job where the roof does not leak anymore!!!! Our Job is to keep them dry!!!

Spray Foam Systems: What equipment do you use regularly?

Paul: We use the Reactor E30 and the Graco GH 933 for silicone coatings.

Spray Foam Systems: What advice would you give to new comers in the industry ?

Paul: Be patient. Never rush a job and always make sure you have Jeremy and Matt on speed dial they will save your ass!!

Thanks for the time and praise Paul! Paul and his team are steadily foaming and coating industrial, commercial and residential roofs all over California and if you need his help, you can contact him at:

H2O Pruf Roofing
tel. 1877 WTR- PRUF
990 N. Diamond Bar Blvd
Diamond Bar, CA. 91765



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