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Tennessee Chill Box has moved into a LARGER industry with the NIOSH/OSHA approved CB8000 Air Conditioned –Fresh Air Respiratory System!

With the new NIOSH/OSHA approved hose system, Tennessee Chill Box is in total compliance for those Industries needing the NIOSH/OSHA approval for the respirator system n

Over the past 8 years
, Tennessee Chill Box has taken over the industry by storm serving all phases of Respirator Industry from Spray Foam Insulation to Government agencies. Those requiring to be NIOSH/OSHA compliant can now purchase the CB8000 system with the approved hose kit with no worries of compliance issues.

Tennessee Chill Box will still be offering their current hose system to customers not requiring the NIOSH/OSHA approved system. This CB8000 can still be purchased with 2 Masks or 2 Hoods and comes complete with 200’ Air Hose to complete a 2 man system.

Contact us today at 877.737.4362 or contact us through email at [email protected] for more information.

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