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Customer Spotlight: Chance Cook and Quick Foam Insulation

Today we are doing a Customer Spotlight on Chance Cook and his company Quick Foam Insulation.

In the past four years they have been rocking the spray foam world all over west Texas.

When it comes to services that they offer, they do it all from roofing to interior work. We got on a call and asked the following questions to better understand them as a customer and to help educate their prospective customers.

Spray Foam Systems : “What is your favorite on the job memory?”

Chance: “Me, my little brother, and a buddy sprayed a 8,000 sq ft house my first year in business. We all got hurt pretty bad and slept in the house, garage, and on our vacuum bags because I was too cheap to get a hotel haha; we have come a long way since then”

Spray Foam Systems : “What job are you most proud of?”

Chance: “We got the opportunity to spray my hometown livestock show barn and we were able to donate $10,000.”

Spray Foam Systems: “What equipment do you use regularly?”

Chance: “B12 and Redbull”

Spray Foam Systems: “How can customers find you?”

Chance: “Online and facebook, our website is

Spray Foam Systems: “Any advice for new people looking to get started?”

Chance: “Always know what your getting into. Don’t just go out spraying jobs and putting a bad rep out for all foam guys.”

Overall, Chance Cook and Quick Foam Insulation are doing solid work. Hes learned the ins and outs of spray foam. His foam application is some of the best we’ve ever laid eyes on.

There is a reason why they call him “The King of Spray Foam”. Check him out.

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Stay tuned next week for our Customer Spotlight featuring Andy Carchidi of Industrial Coatings B.V.

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