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Premium Premicote 1400 Acrylic Coating 55 Gallon Drum


Premium Premicote 1400 Acrylic Coating GENERAL PROPERTIES: This product has been formulated to retain its flexibility over the long term. Highest quality ingredients and attention to detail during manufacture result in a exceptional quality product that will protect and preserve nearly any substrate. These ingredients along with high levels of UV resistant pigments result in a coating that is brighter than many other acrylic coatings. A proven, long lasting biocide package also contributes to the long term color retention. This coating has the unique ability to provide a membrane that is not only watertight but also breathable allowing the escape of any trapped moisture vapor from the substrate. This technology can protect a coating from adverse weather while it cures in high humidity and overcast conditions. Therefore, it can help extend the application season for roofing contractors.

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Premium Premicote 1400 Acrylic Coating
RECOMMENDED USES: Use when possibility of rain exists. This product is intended to be
used as a universal roofing and wall coating. It has excellent adhesion to many substrates including
polyurethane foam, concrete, masonry, primed metal and primed wood. When used with a
suitable base coat it is an exceptional protective coating for most single ply roofing membranes.
Contact Premium Spray Products for specific application information.
RATINGS: This product has achieved a UL Class A rating over a combustible deck when tested
in accordance with UL790
Passes Requirements of ASTM D-6083 Standard for Acrylic Roof Coatings

Manufacturer Part Number: Premicote1400


1051 lbs



X ..1337

X ..1337 in

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