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Handi-Foam 24oz (680G) Handi-Seal Window & Door Gun Foam Sealant P30272


  • UL Classified - File # R13919 Caulking and Sealants ASTM E-84 (8.3%)
  • Weight 2.2 pounds per unit
  • Insulation Value R 5.16 per inch
  • Core Density 1.60 - 1.90 lb/ft³ (25.6 - 30.4 kg/m³)
  • Coverage 475 Feet (145 M)
  • Insulates while eliminating air infiltration
  • Tack free within approximately 5 min.
  • Cuttable in < 1 hour
  • Fully cured in 12 - 24 hours

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Because of Handi-Seal’s Dry Seal innovative Technology, it is the one and only formula patented and designed for moisture prevention and mold issues by repelling unwanted water, unlike the open cell products that will absorb & trap water. P10131 Window & Door Sealant from Handi-Seal can be applied using the applicator straw or with the professional gun dispenser unit for better metering and control. Handi-Seal has superior air seal qualities compared to conventional materials like caulk, mineral wool and fiberglass. Handi-Seal P10131 Window & Door Sealant is manufactured with a gray color so it is easily identified as the correct product to seal windows and doors .

 Low pressure and low pressure building, one-component, polyurethane foam sealant –One Component Foam 


  • Designed to seal rough opening around doors and windows.
  • Around door frames and windows
  • Gaps, mud sills, t-joints, corner joints 
  • Beneath base plates 
  • Around utility panels, penetrations, pipes, etc.
  • Filling bead for crevices and cracks
  • Small cavities on irregular or flat surfaces

Preparation for use


  • Substrate must be clean, dry, free of loose particles, and free of dust, grease and mold release agents.


  • Optimal product temperature is 65-80◦ F (18-27◦ C). Gun foam option: attach the container to the dispensing unit (Handi-Tool), shake well, and begin dispensing. The dispensing units can be metered by pulling the dispensing unit trigger for the desired rate, or with the metering screw located in the back. Foam application can be interrupted when needed as outlined in the instructions and the dispensing unit will be ready for immediate reuse, as long as it remains attached to a pressurized container. An empty gun foam container must be replaced with a new container. Straw foam option: attach the straw, shake well, invert the container, and begin dispensing. By activating the adapter lever carefully, the extrusion rate can be regulated.


  • Use only in a well-ventilated area. Wear protective glasses with side shields or goggles, nitrile gloves, and clothing that protects against dermal exposure. Read all instructions and safety information prior to use. Consult the product’s SDS (available at


  • FOR PROFESSIONAL USE ONLY. Always check the local building code before use. Cured low pressure polyurethane foam is non-toxic and inert.

Product Storage

  • Store upright in a dry area. Do not expose the product to open flame or temperatures above 122◦F (50◦C). Storage in excessive heat can cause premature aging of components resulting in a shorter shelf-life. Temperature For best results, chemical temperature must be between 65-80◦ F (18-27◦C). Cured foam is resistant to heat and cold, -200◦ F to 240◦ F (-129◦ C to 116◦ C).


  • Refer to SDS (Section 13) for instructions. Do not incinerate containers. Relieve containers of any remaining pressure and foam before discarding. Always wear PPE during the disposal process and make sure discarded foam is fully cured.


  • 12 months (expiration date located on the bottom of the container).


  • Cured low pressure polyurethane foam is chemically inert and non-reactive in approved applications, and will not harm electrical wire insulations, Romex ®, rubber, PVC, polyethylene (i.e. PEX) or other plastics. The product is not resistant to UV rays, if left exposed the product should be coated or painted.

Manufacturer Part Number: P10131

Manufacturer Part Number: P10131


2 lbs



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X ..1337 in

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