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Information on Graco Equipment


As a Top 20 Graco Distributor, Spray Foam Systems provides Graco Reactors for entry-level, mid-production and high-production applications for spray foam and coatings. Reactors are available in electric, hydraulic and air models. Entry-level spray foam systems include the Reactor E-10, A-25, and E-20. Mid-production spray foam systems include the Reactor 3 E-20, Reactor 2 E-30 and Reactor 2 H-30. High-production spray foam systems include the Reactor 3 E-30, Reactor 2 H-40, and Reactor 2 H-50. Entry-level coating systems include the Reactor E-10hp, A-XP1, and the E-XP1. Mid-production coating systems include the Reactor 3 E-XP1, Reactor 2 E-XP2, and the Reactor 2 H-XP2. High-production coating systems include the Reactor 3 E-XP2, and the Reactor 2 H-XP3. Contact us today for help choosing the right Graco Reactor for your business.

heated hoses

Graco’s heated hoses are designed specifically for use with Reactor Equipment. Hoses are a key component to the total system, making it important to achieve accurate and uniform heating for the best application possible. Traditional external heated hoses come in 50’ lengths and whip hoses are available in 10’ or 20’ lengths. Xtreme wrap scuff guard is available as an option for traditional hoses. Reactor 2 and Reactor 3 heated hose is available in internal and external heated hoses. Internal heated options are available in 50’ and 100’ lengths and include Xtreme Wrap scuff guard.  Hose options are available in 2000 PSI and 3500 PSI .

transfer pumps

Graco’s family of transfer pumps maintains performance in any environment. The ideal transfer pump is based on your material viscosities, desired output rate, interior ceiling height of your rig, and available air pressure. Graco Transfer pumps are available in your choice of Pneumatic, electric and diaphragm options. Pneumatic transfer pumps are available in both stainless steel and carbon steel, including the choice of T1,T2, T3 or T4 models. The Graco Core Electric pumps are designed to optimize material supply and minimize downtime. Quieter and less expensive to operate, the new electric pumps can communicate with the Reactor 3 to give you a fully connected system. Core Electric transfer pumps senses when a drum is empty and automatically shuts down transfer pumps and Reactor 3 proportioners. Easily disconnect the motor from the pump lower for easy transfer from drum to drum. Diaphragm pumps are air-operated, resists corrosion and feature stall-free low pulsation air valve which provides a smooth and rapid changeover.

spray guns

Spray Foam Systems offers Graco spray guns for spray foam and coating applications. Graco spray guns are available in Air-Purge, Liquid-Purge and Mechanic-Purge options. Air-purge guns give a blast of compressed air when the trigger is released and blows out any residual chemical from the mixing chamber. Air-purge guns are available in the Fusion PC, AP, and P2 models. The Fusion ClearShot is the only liquid-purge gun and uses ClearShot fluid dosed into the mixing chamber when the trigger is released, keeping any residual chemicals from reacting until the subsequent trigger pull. Mechanical-purge guns use a mechanical rod that actuates through the chamber when the trigger is released, pushing any residual chemical out the tip of the gun. Mechanical-purge guns are available in the Fusion MP, GX-7 and GX-8 models.

coating sprayers

Graco airless sprayers for coatings have been the industry’s preferred brand for more than 60 years. Graco single-leg protective coatings sprayers come with Graco’s powerful pneumatic motor or an energy-efficient electrical motor. No matter which high-performance machine you select to get the job done. Choose from the Graco King, Merkur, GMAX II HD and GH Big Rig line of sprayers. The Graco King units are designed to withstand the harshest environmental conditions and easily handle the toughest protective coatings and corrosion control applications and is available as an air-powered or electric sprayer. The Graco Merkur sprayers are designed to outperform and outlast other pumps in their class. Get the precise pressure and output for all of your finishing applications with a variety of models and configurations varying from 3600 PSI to 7250 PSI.  Gracos GMAX II HD gas airless sprayers are ideal for contractors who demand reliability and durability. They handle the widest range of tip sizes, longer hose lengths, and heavier coatings with ease. Optimized for heavy coatings as well as the full range of paints and primers, choose from the GMX II 5900 or 7900 model. Graco GH Big Rig gas hydraulic sprayers are ideal for contractors who need maximum performance and unmatched performance. Perfect for large jobs, these sprayers are available with different performance points to spray nearly any coating. The Graco GH Big Rig sprayers are available in the GH 1017,2570,5040, 733,833, and 933 models

Equipment Parts / Plural Component Parts & Accessories

Find all the Graco plural component proportioner parts and accessories you need to get consistent performance at Spray Foam Systems. Whether you need a temperature sensor, cables, or a full rebuild kit for your plural component proportioner, we’ve got you covered with everything you need and more to get any project done. If you need assistance finding the right parts or accessories, we proudly offer our technical expertise. Contact us via phone, email, or the online form at your convenience. Thanks for choosing Spray Foam Systems as your preferred online source for plural component proportioner parts and accessories!