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SFS ProCUTTER OC -27.5'' Open Cell Spray Foam Insulation Cutting & Removal Tool SFSOC27.5



SFS ProCUTTER OC -27.5'' Open Cell Spray Foam Insulation Cutting & Removal Tool SFSOC27.5
SFS ProCutter is the only scarfer on the market that trims the full width of the head with no gaps which allows you to spray every bay on your walls and then trim them. ProCutter cleans corners leaving them ready for sheeting. The teeth are designed to cut the foam as fast as possible without doing any damage to the studs.

- Specs: Plugs Into Standard 120V Built in Safety Break Handle & Guards

- 1 Year Warranty.

- Open Cell Head Replacements Come In: 20.5'' & 27.5




The OPEN Cell PRO Cutter is built with precision machined aluminum parts and the highest quality bearings and power-head. It is designed to trim 1/2 LB. OPEN Cell foam quickly and efficiently with no stud damage. The PRO Cutter cuts smoothly and trims the wall cleanly the full width of the head. This allows for fast easy trimming of corners. By running the head directly on the studs it also uses its rotating head to feed itself up the wall. This minimizes the effort it takes to operate this trimmer if used properly.


  • Rubberized grip handles are ergonomically designed for comfort and easy handling
  • Large trigger switch with soft start for smooth start-ups
  • Built-in current limiter helps protect motor from burnout by reducing power to motor when overloaded
  • Double insulated for operator protection



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