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Pump is slow to build tank pressure

Loose/slipping belt

Adjust belt tension


Excessive leaks in system

Correct air leaks

Blown gasket

Replace head gaskets

Broken reed valve

Replace reed valves

Obstructed intake filter

Clean or replace intake element

Leaking regulator

Replace regulator

Defective pilot valve

Replace pilot valve

Excessive oil consumption

Too much oil in crankcase

Drain to proper level


Improper weight of oil

Replace with proper oil

Obstructed crankcase vent

Replace dipstick or oil fill plug/crankcase vent

Dirty/plugged intake filter

Clean/replace intake filter

Worn piston rings

Take unit in for service

Scored cylinder

Take unit in for service

Knocking noise

Loose pulley or flywheel

Tighten appropriate parts


Loose belts

Adjust belt tension

Internal pump problem

Take unit in for service

Overheating compressor

Poor ventilation

Relocate compressor


Improper pump rotation

Rewire for correct rotation

Internal pump problem

Take unit in for service

Electric motor dead,

will not even hum

Thermal overload tripped

Locate and push reset button


Reset physically broken

Replace overload/reset

Loose motor leads or electrical connection

Locate and correct loose electrical connection(s)

Short in power cord

Replace power cord

Motor trips overload/reset button

Motor is starting/stopping excessively

Install constant speed or dual control kit


Overload is defective/weak

Replace overload

Improper gauge of extension cord

Use longer lengths of air hose or heavier cord

Stripped or poorly tightened motor thru bolts

Retighten or replace stripped thru bolts

Cracks in end bell or housing

Take unit in for service

Gasoline engine is hard to start

Fouled, incorrect, or improperly gapped spark plug

Install proper spark plug after gapping to factory specs


Improper engine oil level

Fill to top of threads for oil plug

Improper weight of pump or engine oil

Change to proper weight of oil for operating temperature

Improper or old gas

Take unit in for service