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Handi-Stick Adhesives

Handi-Stick® Adhesives are designed to create an extremely strong, permanent bond between various types of building materials. Handi-Stick Adhesives offer extensive cost and labor savings over traditional adhesives. Handi-Stick Adhesives can be applied with a professional dispensing unit. Handi-Stick Adhesives are available in specific formulations including General Use for multiple applications requiring a five-minute open time, Architectural Foams Shapes, Polystyrene Construction and Subfloor.

Handi-Stick Adhesives are one-component products and cure when ambient moisture in the air reacts with the adhesive. Handi-Stick Adhesives are formulated with different open times to meet specific application requirements. All Handi-Stick Adhesives meet ASTM E84 Class 1 for adhesives and contain no volatile organic compounds or solvents to harm polystyrene board. For adhesive needs, choose Handi-Stick.





Handi-Stick® Adhesives offer an alternative application method to traditional cartridge-type adhesives providing easier application, reduced labor time and reduced total costs.

Fomo Products, Inc. received the prestigious GREENGUARD Certification for many of its products. The GREENGUARD Certification ensure that products meet some of the world's most comprehensive standards for low emissions of volatile organic compounds(VOCs).




Handi-Stick® Polystyrene Construction Adhesives were formulated for compatibility with all polystyrene applications including ICFs, architectural foam shapes and foam boards. Handi-Stick Polystyrene Construction polyurethane foam adhesive contains no solvents that degrade polystyrene, unlike many other solvent-based adhesives. Additionally, because Handi-Stick Polystyrene Construction is a polyurethane foam adhesive, it maintains insulation values and will expand to fill uneven surfaces and voids. Its fast cure time provides quick and powerful bonds to almost any surface.

Handi-Stick Polystyrene Construction adhesive is available with a gun foam dispensing systems. All Handi-Stick products are one-component products and cure when ambient moisture/humidity in the air reacts with the adhesive, creating a fast and strong bond. Handi-Stick Polystyrene Construction was formulated with a three-minute open time and an extremely fast working time. Handi-Stick Polystyrene Construction meets ASTM E84 Class 1 for adhesives and contains no volatile organic compounds or solvents to harm polystyrene board. For adhering to polystyrene, choose Handi-Stick Polystyrene Construction adhesive.



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