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Handi-Foam Accessories


Fomo Products manufactures the widest range of spray foam, pour-in-place, sealants and adhesives in the industry.

We also offer a variety of accessories to complement our polyurethane foam product line.

For information on any of these product accessories, please click the links below:


Air Seal Accessories





Handi-Foam® Ignition Barrier

An intumescent latex coating that has been tested with Handi-Foam E84 Class 1 Spray Polyurethane Foam to meet ignition barrier requirements as identified in the AC 377 Appendix X and building code requirements for exposed foam in attics and crawlspaces.



Recessed Light Covers

Air Seal around light fixtures while ensuring the building and fire code mandated 3 inch clearance in maintained, allowing insulation to be safely placed around recessed lights without the risk of fire.


Cardboard Baffle

Lightweight, easy to install cardboard baffles effectively direct air flow from soffits to ridge vents allowing unconditioned attics to vent properly. 22" x 33"


Plastic Vent Chutes

Attic vent chutes maintain an air channel to direct air flow, allowing unconditioned attics to vent properly. 22" x 48".


MSDS Ignition Barrier

Tech Data


Sealant & Adhesive Dispensing Units



  • Adjustable bead control
  • Durable metal construction
  • Solvent resistant
  • Non-stick teflonized basket and needle valve
  • Replacement parts available


  • Adjustable bead control
  • Durable construction
  • Solvent resistant
  • Non-stick teflonized basket


  • Adjustable bead control
  • Durable construction
  • Solvent resistant

Cylinder Heat Wraps

Because proper chemical temperature is critical to quality foam performance, Fomo offers cylinder heat wraps for maintaining the recommended optimal chemical temperatures.
Properly conditioned chemical temperature prior to and during use is critical to the ratio, adhesion and appearance of the foam. Dispensing chemical in the correct temperature range provides maximum quality, prevents chemical waste and maximizes yield.

These Spray Foam Cylinder Wraps fit all Handi-brand™ 605 board feet sized disposable kits. Be sure to check the Technical Data Sheet for formula specific temperature recommendations.






Magnum Heated System®

The Magnum Heated System
® is designed for use with the Handi-Foam® Spray Foam and Handi-Flow Pour-in-Place Refill Systems.  Because temperature has such an impact on the quality of polyurethane foam, the Magnum was designed to keep polyurethane foam at a consistent temperature at all times - from the tank to the point of application.  The system includes the 150' heated hose and Fomo's patented Handi-Gun, a tool used exclusively for targeted dispensing of Fomo's polyurethane foams.   Refillable foam tanks are returned to Fomo for recycling and redistribution after use.

The Magnum has the flexibility to insulate residential construction sites, and the power for use in commercial applications.  No pumps or motors are required to operate the Magnum, keeping the equipment expense minimal.  Set up and tear down of this system each only take minutes. Because the equipment expense is minimal, the barriers to entry are few while the application flexibility is great.  The Magnum is fast, portable, and convenient for those remote job sites.   Comprehensive training takes only one day.  During the training program, students work closely with Fomo experts who provide resources, instruction and valuable hands-on training.










ColorWiseTM Temperature Warning Nozzle


ColorWise Temperature Warning Nozzles turn blue when chemical is too cold or when left in cold conditions, helping keep foam on ratio and maximizing yield.

Temperature is key in the application of Spray and Pour-in-Place polyurethane foams. Patent-pending ColorWise nozzles provide a visual indication when chemical is too cold for spraying quality foam. When the mixing chamber of the ColorWise nozzle changes from clear to blue, that's the cue to stop spraying and ensure proper
chemical temperature before you proceed.

If properly conditioned chemical is sprayed into a cold, blue nozzle, the mixing chamber will change back to clear, indicating that it is okay to spray.




Multipurpose Handi-Cleaner is a spray solvent used to dissolve uncured foam.  Handi-Cleaner can also be attached to any of Fomo's sealant dispensing units, allowing the unit to be flushed and kept clean and operable. Handi-Cleaner may also be used for other industrial cleaning purposes.