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E-30 / E-XP2

Spray Foam and Polyurea Equipment

Featured in ProPAK 300 and XD3 Mobile Spray Rigs


Revolutionize the way you run your business.

Each feature in the Reactor 2 was strategically designed to help your business, with innovations that help your operation run smoothly. Software and hardware enhancements for better spray performance. And new technologies that add to your bottom line.


gives you:

  • Better control – with Graco InSite™ remote reporting, you can manage your spray foam or polyurea business wherever you are
  • Better documentation – automatically collect job log data and spray parameters – lets you confirm the job was sprayed to specifications
  • Better fleet and crew management
  • Better cost containment and forecasting
  • Compact footprint – more room in your spray rig
  • Ergonomic design – easier to service
  • Advanced circuit boards
  • Better spraying performance compared to traditional electric Reactor systems
  • Troubleshooting made quick and easy with QR codes


More Information

Whether you’re spraying polyurethane foam insulation in a home, commercial building or rooftop, or applying polyurea to coat a bedliner or to protect any other substrate, Graco Plural-Component Proportioner Systems help you get the job done with superior results.

  • Advanced control technology
    • Tracks, monitors and saves project data
    • Data can be saved and downloaded onto a USB drive
    • Stores up to 24 chemical recipes
    • Drum level indicators
  • Graco InSite Remote Reporting Technology
    • Transmits real-time job activity you can view on your smart phone, tablet or computer
    • Standard on Elite models
  • Quick and easy troubleshooting thanks to QR code shortcuts
    • Results in less downtime
  • Easy to reach, conveniently-placed electronics
  • Advanced circuit boards 
    • Handles power fluctuations
  • Sacrificial surge protector 
    • Protects your electronics against excessive power spikes
  • Smooth, consistent spray performance – similar to hydraulic systems
  • Three-year warranty 
    • Covers user display module, control boards and electric motor
    • One of the best in the industry

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Reactor 2 Information


Graco InSite on ProPAK Mobile Spray Rigs

Technical Support and Information

Troubleshooting Guide

Operations Manual

Repair and Parts Manual

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