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Flame Seal-TB Barrier

Flame Seal Products, Inc.,  developer and manufacturer one of the best performing, Aerospace Qualified fire retardant intumescent coating on the market, is now selling this technology as Flame Seal-TB™ Thermal Barrier directly to foam contractors and applicators, providing as much as a 30% cost reduction.

Flame Seal TB™ Fire Retardant has been certified multiple times as both a Thermal and Ignition Barrier Coating over the majority of foam brands available. Flame Seal Products continues to work with the foam industry to bring this world-class fire retardant product to the market. We are dedicated to providing the best value as well as the safest foam installations possible.

In addition, Flame Seal has developed a series of support services that add value, control liabilities, and reduce time intensive evaluations that can arise before, during and after the application process of foam and safety coatings. These services have become an essential part of our support system for an ever-growing list of clients who use Flame Seal TB.

In effect, when you buy our products, we essentially become your team of fire experts, which, along with our fire testig lab and technical facilities, are at your disposal to support you and your customers!

The product is a two-part system and is packaged in easy to use containers to facilitate the smooth application of the coating.

Superior Economics

  • Ease of application (Side-by-side with ordinary house paint, only 10% more labor on big jobs. SBS w/epoxy coatings, 20% less labor)
  • No special equipment necessary (Typical contractor grade sprayer, limited only by job size.)
  • Simple Clean Up (Hot tap water, or cold clean up with supplied cleaning solution)

Environmentally Friendly

  • Water Based
  • Low VOCs
  • Non-Toxic
  • Compliant with USDA/FDA for incidental food contact



Flame Seal-TBFire Retardant Coating Product Data Sheet


Flame Seal-TB is a two-part coating designed for use as a fire retardant coating over Spray Foam Insulation for interior applications.

The product can be applied over most foam brands.  Please check certification information for details.  The product has been certified as both Thermal and Ignition Barriers.

When Flame Seal-TB is exposed to fire or extreme heat, a protective layer of Carbon Foam develops and prevents the fire and heat from transferring to the foam insulation.  Flame Seal-TB comes in White, “Light” “Medium” and “Dark” Grey and Black.

Typical Analysis

Total Solids 61 – 66%
Weight per Gallon 11.1 – 12.0 lbs
Specific Gravity 1.33– 1.45
pH 2.5 – 3.5

Product contains no PBDE’s (Polybrominated Diphenyl Ethers) or petroleum derivatives.


Flame Seal-TB is for professional use only.  It should only be applied by Flame Seal Products Certified applicators. Warranty requires completing an applicator training program.

Flame Seal-TB is a two-part system packaged in configurations to allow the cross linker to be mixed into the resin container prior to use.  Once Flame Seal-TB is well mixed the product can be applied via brush, spray or roller.  The product must be given sufficient time to properly cure.  Proper care of the environmental conditions must be taken before, during the application and during the curing process.  Please review the Applicator training for specifics.

The product should not be top-coated without express written approval by Flame Seal Products to ensure the coating complies with certification requirements.  Properly applied Flame Seal-TB can provide UL-1715 certification.

The product may be used in most SPF applications.  However, special precautions should be taken for use in Coolers, Freezers or high humidity environments.

Packaging and Handling

Flame Seal-TB is a two-part product available in several packaging configurations to allow for easy mix and use.

Packaging Configuration:

  • 5 gallon kit:  one 5 gallon pail containing 4 gallons of Resin and a one gallon bottle of cross linker
  • 50 gallon kit:  one 55 gallon drum containing 40 gallons of resin and 2 - 5 gallon bottles of cross linker

Refer to MSDS for proper handling.

Storage Conditions

Temperature Range - 40°F to 90°F.

Shelf Life

One year from date of manufacture.


Products are guaranteed to perform their fire retardant function as represented by third party tests, if applied according to manufacturer’s published instructions.  Products may not be diluted or altered prior to use.

*There are no other warrantees either expressed or implied since Flame Seal Products, Inc. cannot control the actual application of the products.  Users must determine usability and suitability for their particular requirements, as well as compatibility with the exact materials to be treated or coated. *Exception:  An Expanded Warranty is available for work performed by Certified Applicators.




Application Instructions