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Cool Vac Saver


Cool’s ‘Vac-Saver’

Another Industry ‘FIRST’

After extensive development, Cool Machines has designed a ‘Vacuum Saver’ device, significantly extending the life of your vacuum blade, chamber, engine, and collection bags.

Our proprietary [patent pending] technology has a ‘deflecting particle accelerator’ process which separates and removes 99% of solid objects from the dry or damp fiber stream ‘before’ contacting the vacuum components. Foreign objects (roof tear-off debris, nails, stones, tools, and misc. construction materials) are hidden in insulation when removing fiber from attics and floors. It is virtually impossible to expect operators to avoid this problem.

Objects cause severe damage to the fan impeller, chamber, as the resulting ‘shock load’ can damage the engine itself. Most commonly, the high speed impeller blade is damaged. The smallest object can bend and fracture welds on the blade causing the impeller to run out-of balance.

This results in reduced bearing life and pre-mature engine failure. A costly proposition! Similarly with wall spray; damp recycle fibers with debris vacuumed back to your blowing machine can cause machine lock-ups and damaged airlock seals.

The cost of this Vacuum Saver module can pay for itself the first time you damage the impeller blade or chamber.

The Vacuum Saver module is the size of a small suitcase. (weighs approx. 80 lbs.) This system is connected in-line before the fiber enters the fan/chamber or machine area (see illustration A), and efficiently separates and collects foreign debris from the insulation fibers. This is a ‘must’ for any insulation removal operation!!



vacuum-saver-diagram copy