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Atlas Copco FX Refrigerated Air Dryers

From residential foam insulation projects to commercial jobs, Spray Foam Systems’ line of Refrigerated Air Dryers provide an efficient and reliable source to keep moisture out of your system.

Maximize your profits and cut down time spent cleaning your guns and hoses with a high quality product, superior quality and performance for SPF applications.

Atlas Copco Air Dryers are backed by a Global Service Network.


Minimal Maintenance

  • Long service intervals
  • Few component replacements
  • Ergonomic design for fast access to key components

Significant Cost Savings

  • Increased reliability and lifetime of tools and equipment
  • Reduced pipe work leaks, meaning reduced energy bill
  • Fewer repairs to tools, machines and pipe work
  • Less inconvenient breakdowns and stoppages
  • Minimal chance of product spoilage through moisture carryover

Solid Performance

  • Steady pressure dew point
  • No freezing of condensed moisture
  • No chance of moisture entering the compressed air system

Simple Reliability

  • Quality components, generously sized
  • Simple and proven design
  • Effective control system (hot gas bypass)

More Information

Dry, quality air is vital for long-term, troublefree operation of your processes. Atlas Copco’s FX dryers protect your products and systems against damage or corrosion.

They remove moisture from compressed air with a dew point as low as 3°C/37,4°F. Easy to install, simple to operate and reliable, they provide the dry air you need, allowing you to concentrate on your core business.

Technical Specifications:
Pressure dewpoint (°C, °F) 37 - 41 ºF
Working pressure 189 - 232 psig
Capacity FAD (l/s, cfm) 13 - 2516 cfm

Technical Support and Information

Troubleshooting Guide

115V Manual

230V Manual

FX Brochure




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