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Applying spray foam insulation effectively requires understanding the influence of
environmental factors, such as humidity. High humidity can significantly impact the
curing process of spray foam, leading to suboptimal insulation performance if not
properly managed. To help you tackle these challenges, here are five practical tips for
applying spray foam insulation in high-humidity environments.

Prep the Application Area Properly
Before you begin applying spray foam, ensure that the area can handle the unique
challenges posed by high humidity. Clean the surfaces thoroughly to remove any dirt,
oil, or moisture, and consider using a dehumidifier to reduce air moisture levels in the
application area. Maintaining a dry surface and environment helps the foam adhere
correctly and cure uniformly.

Adjust Your Spray Foam Machine to the Correct

Spray foam machines perform optimally when set to the correct temperature, especially
when operating in humid conditions. Typically, you should set the machine’s heater
slightly higher to compensate for the cooling effect of evaporation caused by high
humidity. This adjustment helps maintain the foam’s viscosity, allowing for better control
and application consistency.

Adjust Your Spray Technique for the Desired Result
Adjusting your spray technique can also help mitigate the effects of humidity. Move the
spray gun more slowly and steadily to allow the foam to settle and expand correctly
before excess moisture can affect it. Additionally, applying thinner layers of spray foam
and allowing them to cure before adding more can prevent the trapping of moisture
between layers.

Apply Your Spray Foam During the Early Morning or Late

The timing of your application can make a significant difference when it comes to the
final results. High humidity levels typically peak during midday and early afternoon, so
plan to apply your spray foam during the early morning or late afternoon when the air is
cooler and drier. This timing will help the foam cure properly and achieve maximum

Store Your Spray Foam Materials at the Correct

Proper storage of your spray foam materials is crucial, especially in a humid climate.
Store all materials in a controlled environment with stable temperature and humidity
levels. Keeping the materials at the correct temperature prevents premature reactions
and maintains the quality of the insulation properties.

When applying spray foam insulation in high humidity, using these five tips can
lead to a more successful installation and help you manage the challenges posed by
moisture in the air. Furthermore, opting for a low-pressure spray foam machine from
Spray Foam Systems will help you achieve the best results.

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